Gelato-Milk Flavors


Sorbetti- The Fruits


Specialty Flavors

At Paolo’s, you’ll find regional and seasonal gelato specialties. There’s no way to capture them all here, so if you want something special ask us. We will be glad to accommodate you.


Espresso (pee-STAHK-yoh) 

Amarena (ah-mah-RAY-nah) 

Menta e Cioccolato ( men-TAH cho-koh-LAH-toh)

Mora (Mo-rah)

Lampone (lahm-POH-nay) 

Fragola (FRAH-go-lah)

Pesca (PEHS-kah)

Mela (MEH-lah)

Papaia (Pah-pi-Yah)

Mango (Man-go)

Pera (PEH-rah)

Kiwi (Kee-Wee)

Limone (lee-MOH-nay)

Anguria an-Gu-reah

Melone (meh-LOH-nay)

Frutto Della Passione

Ciliegia (chil-eh-gia)

Mirtillo (Mir-till-Oh)

Limoncello - Light and refreshing crisp lemon flavor.

Avocado - Real, freshly-ripened avocados for this special flavor.

Jasmine - Captures the taste and smell of yellow Jasmine.


Ph: (843) 747-7377

Paolo's Gelato Catering is based in Charleston SC and serves Atlanta, Columbia, and Charleston Metro areas

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